Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Sicily

La Vineria Café

$$$ Via Cavour, 9, 96010, Ortigia, Siracusa
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Bistrot
An elegant, yet relaxed fusion of winery and restaurant, created and run by women only, which makes the venue a unique place. La Vineria Café is a restaurant located near the Sicilian coast, in the city of Syracuse, which offers its customers the typical flavours of Italy and the south. The menu is varied and ranges from land and sea first courses to second courses, with fresh fish and top-quality cuts of meat. The excellence of the products reigns supreme in a place where the atmosphere is welcoming and familiar, with live music on weekends.

Ginger - People & Food

$$$ Via Empedocle, 21, 92100, Agrigento
Mediterranean Casual Dining
Ginger - People & Food, situated in the heart of Agrigento, Sicily, offers a vibrant and contemporary dining experience that celebrates the fusion of innovative cuisine with the rich culinary traditions of the Mediterranean. This modern eatery has quickly carved out a niche as a gathering place for food enthusiasts, locals, and travellers alike, drawn to its creative dishes, lively atmosphere, and commitment to quality and sustainability. Set against Agrigento's sand Agrigento's historical sites, Ginger - People & Food is a testament to Sicily's dynamicSicily'slving food scene. Ginger's ambiencGinger'sc is welcoming, and its design combines sleek, modern lines with warm, rustic elements. The interior is bright and airy, featuring an open kitchen that allows diners to witness the magic of meal preparation firsthand. The dishes are a creative blend of Sicilian flavours and international culinary techniques, resulting in a diverse and deeply rooted menu in the region's gas regregion'sitage. From beautifully crafted starters and salads to hearty mains and exquisite desserts, each plate is a work of art that delights the senses. The restaurant takes pride in its vegetarian and vegan options selection, ensuring that something satisfies every palate.

Il Molo

$$$$ Lungomare Falcone Borsellino, 92100, Agrigento
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Il Molo, located in the picturesque coastal town near Agrigento, Sicily, is a charming restaurant that epitomizes the essence of Mediterranean seaside dining. This delightful eatery, perched at the water's edge, offers guests an unforgettable culinary experience that combines stunning ocean views with the freshest seafood and traditional Sicilian flavours. Known for its warm hospitality and idyllic setting, Il Molo has become a beloved destination for locals and visitors seeking to indulge in the simple pleasures of Sicilian cuisine while basking in the beauty of the island's coastline. The ambience of Il Molo is characterized by its relaxed and inviting atmosphere, where the gentle sounds of the sea and the soothing sea breeze set the tone for a serene dining experience. The décor is a tasteful reflection of the seaside locale, featuring nautical themes and a palette that mirrors the sea blues and the beach's sandy hues. Diners can choose to sit in the cosy interior space or opt for the outdoor terrace, where the panoramic views of the Mediterranean create a stunning backdrop for every meal. At the heart of Il Molo's menu is a celebration of the sea's bounty. The restaurant prides itself on offering dishes that showcase the freshest local seafood, prepared with respect for tradition and a touch of culinary innovation. Guests can savour various seafood specialities, from succulent grilled fish and flavorful pasta dishes with seafood to classic Sicilian antipasti and mouthwatering risottos. Each dish is a testament to Sicily's rich flavours and culinary heritage, made with ingredients sourced daily from the local markets and fishermen.

Trattoria Terra & Mare

$$ Piazza Lena, 7, 92100, Agrigento
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Pizzeria
Trattoria Terra & Mare, nestled in the heart of Agrigento, Sicily, is a culinary haven where the land and sea treasures converge to offer a truly authentic Sicilian dining experience. This charming trattoria, celebrated for its commitment to tradition and quality, invites guests to savour the rich tapestry of flavours that define Sicilian cuisine, all within a warm and welcoming atmosphere that feels like home. Upon entering Trattoria Terra & Mare, diners are greeted by an ambience that exudes rustic elegance and touches of Sicilian charm. The interior, with its exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and cosy furnishings, creates an intimate setting ideal for enjoying a meal with family and friends. The outdoor seating area offers a delightful alternative, where guests can dine under the Sicilian sky, surrounded by the gentle bustle of Agrigento's historic streets. The menu at Trattoria Terra & Mare is a tribute to the bountiful produce of Sicily, showcasing a variety of dishes that celebrate the land's agricultural richness and the sea's freshness. The kitchen, led by skilled chefs passionate about Sicilian culinary heritage, prepares each dish meticulously, using locally sourced ingredients to ensure authenticity and flavour. From succulent seafood antipasti and homemade pasta with vibrant sauces to hearty meat dishes and fresh, seasonal vegetables, the menu offers a journey through the diverse tastes of the island.

Sapori Di Girgenti

$$$ Via Giovanni Archeoli Russo 14, 92100, Agrigento
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
Sapori Di Girgenti, nestled in the historic heart of Agrigento, Sicily, is a beacon of culinary excellence that pays homage to this storied region's ancient flavours and traditions. This exquisite restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience that captures the essence of Sicilian cuisine, blending time-honoured recipes with contemporary culinary techniques. Situated amidst the stunning archaeological sites and baroque architecture that define Agrigento, Sapori Di Girgenti invites guests to embark on a gastronomic journey that is as rich in history as it is in flavour. The ambience of Sapori Di Girgenti is a seamless fusion of elegance and tradition, where the warmth of Sicilian hospitality envelops each guest upon entry. The interior design reflects Sicily's rustic charm and vibrant spirit, with natural stone walls, wooden accents, and soft, ambient lighting creating an inviting and refined atmosphere. The restaurant's outdoor seating area offers a picturesque setting for dining al fresco, allowing guests to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and the scenic beauty of Agrigento. At the heart of Sapori Di Girgenti's menu is a deep respect for the local land and sea, with each dish crafted using the freshest ingredients from the surrounding countryside and coastal waters. The culinary team, led by skilled chefs dedicated to preserving Sicilian culinary heritage, presents a selection of dishes that showcase the unique flavours and aromas of the region. The menu celebrates Sicily's bountiful produce and rich gastronomic culture, from succulent seafood specialities and artisanal pasta dishes to delectable meats cooked to perfection and vibrant vegetable creation.

Ristorante Cavalluccio Marino

$$$$ Contrada Cala Croce, 3, 92010, Lampedusa
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining
Just outside the city centre, the Cavalluccio Marino restaurant overlooks one of the most beautiful bays in Lampedusa: Cala Croce. Every evening, experience a journey through flavours thanks to the creations of chef patron Giovanna Billeci and the wine list, which includes labels personally chosen by Giuseppe Costa. The cuisine of the Cavalluccio Marino restaurant in Lampedusa is characterized by the constant search for balance between flavours, by a mix of tradition and local ingredients enhanced by the contrast with products from distant lands. Each dish tells a story, an experience lived by the chef and her husband Giuseppe, patron manager. From the southernmost of the Italian islands, an international gaze which, through the cuisine and the labels present in the collection of the Diapason winery, allows you to travel to Sicily and reach very distant countries. The restaurant is open daily from mid-May to the end of October. From November to early May, the restaurant will be closed.

Pescheria Gastronomica Gianni

$$ Via Madonna, 30, 92010, Lampedusa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
Nestled on the stunning shores of Lampedusa Island, Pescheria Gastronomica Gianni beckons seafood enthusiasts to indulge in a culinary experience like no other. Focusing on fresh catches from the surrounding Mediterranean waters, our establishment offers a feast for the senses, celebrating the sea's bounty in every dish. At Pescheria Gastronomica Gianni, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our seafood is sourced directly from local fishermen, ensuring that each ingredient is of the freshest and highest calibre. From succulent shrimp to tender octopus and delicate fish fillets, our menu showcases the diverse flavours and textures of the sea. Indulge in a tempting array of seafood delicacies expertly prepared by our skilled chefs to highlight the natural flavours of each ingredient. From classic dishes such as grilled fish and seafood pasta to innovative creations that showcase our kitchen's creativity, every bite at Pescheria Gastronomica Gianni is a culinary delight. In addition to our delectable seafood offerings, we take pride in our warm and inviting atmosphere, where guests can relax and savour their meals with friends and family. Our attentive staff are dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every visit to Pescheria Gastronomica Gianni is memorable.

Ristorante Amare

$$$$ S.S. 115 Km 131, 92019, Sciacca
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Nestled within the breathtaking surroundings of Verdura Resort, a Rocco Forte Hotel, Ristorante Amare invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey that celebrates Sicily's bounty of flavours and the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Overlooking the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean Sea, our restaurant offers a dining experience that is both luxurious and soulful, promising an unforgettable culinary adventure. At Ristorante Amare, we are dedicated to showcasing the freshest and finest ingredients sourced from local producers and artisans. Our menu is a symphony of Sicilian flavours inspired by the region's rich culinary heritage and abundant fresh seafood, sun-ripened fruits, and fragrant herbs that thrive in the countryside. Indulge in a feast for the senses as you savour our signature dishes, expertly crafted by our talented chefs, to showcase Sicilian cuisine's vibrant colours, bold flavours, and exquisite textures. Every bite at Ristorante Amare celebrates Sicily's culinary treasures, from delicate crudi di pesce and flavorful pasta dishes to succulent grilled meats and decadent desserts. In addition to our exceptional cuisine, Ristorante Amare offers a sophisticated and elegant ambience, where guests can dine in style while taking in panoramic views of the Mediterranean coastline. Our attentive staff are dedicated to providing impeccable service, ensuring that every moment spent at Ristorante Amare is nothing short of perfection.

Antico Mulino

$$ SP69, Snc, 92017, Sambuca di Sicilia
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Nestled in the scenic heart of Sambuca di Sicilia, Antico Mulino beckons diners with an intriguing blend of history and culinary elegance. With a name that translates to "Ancient Mill," this restaurant is both a testament to the region's rich legacy and a modern hub of gastronomic delights. Set within a lovingly restored mill, the restaurant retains architectural elements from a bygone era. Exposed stone walls, rustic wooden beams, and antique milling equipment contribute to an atmosphere steeped in history. The gentle murmur of a nearby stream, once the mill's lifeblood, adds to the ambient charm, providing a serene backdrop to every meal. The menu at Antico Mulino is a heartfelt homage to classic Sicilian cuisine, with each dish representing a culinary journey across the island's varied landscapes. Locally sourced ingredients, fresh from the fields and shores of Sicily, take centre stage. A signature dish, perhaps the 'Tagliatelle al Mulino', features hand-rolled pasta infused with herbs, draped in a sumptuous sauce crafted from ripe tomatoes, fragrant basil, and robust Sicilian olive oil. However, what truly sets Antico Mulino apart is its approach to bread and grains. In a nod to its milling heritage, the restaurant emphasises crafting artisanal bread and pasta from ancient Sicilian grains ground on-site using traditional stone methods. The result is a distinct flavour and texture, evoking memories of a simpler time.

Pizzeria Ristorante La Pineta

$$ SP132, 93010, Sutera
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
Tucked away in the scenic heart of Sutera, a town steeped in history and natural beauty, Pizzeria Ristorante La Pineta is a testament to Sicilian culinary artistry. Named after the Italian word for "pine grove," La Pineta brings the serene ambience of a Mediterranean pine forest to its patrons. The restaurant's exterior is an enticing blend of rustic stone walls and large, panoramic windows that offer diners a peek into the cosy world within. Upon entering, you're immediately greeted by the inviting scent of pine, blended harmoniously with the irresistible aroma of pizzas baking in traditional wood-fired ovens. Inside, wooden beams stretch across the ceiling, interspersed with hanging pine cones and delicate fairy lights, creating a magical and homely ambience. Handcrafted wooden tables, softened by the glow of candlelight, offer intimate spaces for friends and family to gather and share meals. The menu at La Pineta proudly showcases the diverse palette of Sicilian cuisine. While pizzas, baked to crispy perfection with a range of fresh and flavorful toppings, are undoubtedly the stars, the restaurant also offers an array of tempting dishes that highlight the island's rich culinary heritage. Delicacies such as 'Arancini di Riso,' stuffed rice balls coated in breadcrumbs and fried to golden perfection, and 'Caponata,' a delectable aubergine stew, resonate deeply with traditional tastes.


$$$ Via S. Giuseppe, 7, 93010, Sutera
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
In the heart of Sutera, a town echoing with tales of ancient civilizations and the resonant beauty of Sicilian landscapes, lies Sambriglia—a culinary gem that stands as a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Derived from an old Sicilian term suggesting 'gathering' or 'togetherness,' Sambriglia embodies the very essence of communal dining. The exterior is a graceful dance between Sutera's historic architecture and contemporary design elements. Stone arches lead into a space illuminated with soft, modern lighting, hinting at the fusion of flavours. Stepping inside, diners are met with walls adorned with artworks that depict Sicilian life in all its vibrant hues. Long wooden tables encourage shared meals, fostering the spirit of community and conversation that Sicilian dining is known for. Sambriglia's menu is a journey through Sicily's culinary landscape. While deeply rooted in tradition, each dish has a modern flair. The 'Risotto al Nero di Seppia' is a visual and gustatory delight—creamy rice infused with the rich ink of cuttlefish, dotted with golden saffron threads and finished with a sprinkle of zesty lemon zest.

Chef Dedé

$$$ Via Guglielmo Oberdan, 126, 95129, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
In the heart of the historic centre of Catania, a few minutes from Via Umberto and Piazza Trento, the Chef Dedé restaurant is listed among the best-existing food and wine guides. Located in Via Guglielmo Oberdan 126, you are immersed in an oasis of tranquillity, silence and light-heartedness. Chef Dedé carefully chooses the starting ingredients, all Sicilian and of great quality: from the lentils of Ustica to the black pig of the Nebrodi, from the Bronte pistachio to the fish of our coasts. He handles them with his bare hands, imagining, right from the start, what they will become on the plate and on the palate of those who taste them, with respect for the land and the sea. The Mediterranean is, in fact, the main protagonist of the gastronomic proposal through the exaltation of flavours and aromas. To try: the risotto with yellow squash, Mazara red prawns, the fish fillet in a Bronte pistachio crust, and vegetables marinated in lemon.

Cu A Voli Cotta Cu A Voli Crura

$$ Via Euplio Reina, 18, 95121, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
Really nice restaurant located in the centre of Catania, showing off a casual look, simple but also elegant at the same time. Cu a Voli Cotta and Cu a Voli Crura is a restaurant that mainly bases its cuisine on fish but not only. A traditional Italian cuisine, Sicilian, with thick and deep roots in its own land. A varied menu, which ranges from appetizers to main courses, in order not to disappoint anyone's expectations and, above all, the palates.

Il Gambero Pazzo

$$ Via Vela, 1, 95100, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The restaurant in the historic centre of Catania, the standard-bearer of the Sicilian city, offers one of the best fish cuisines in southern Italy. Gambero Pazzo is among the best known, thanks to the goodness of its raw materials, the chef's love for cooking, and the impeccable preparation of his staff. A traditional, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, fresh, thanks to the daily catches that the local supply chains offer to restaurateurs. Absolute quality at the service of your diners.

Sagré Ristorante

$$$ Corso Delle Province, 99, 95128, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
The seasonality of the products and the cuisine are in tune with the times in which eating well also means eating healthy. In line with times when hospitality means satisfying the customer. At Sagrè, you will find peace and harmony with which you can enjoy the beauties that cooking and food can give you. A casual, bright and beautiful venue that inspires kitchens and delights diners. A certified quality for all the raw materials guarantees the customer different flavours.


$$ Via Sant'Euplio, 108, 95125, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
One step away from the historic centre of Catania, we will welcome you in a suggestive but at the same time sophisticated location, designed to be the perfect place for both a business lunch and a gallant dinner or an evening with friends. It is the ideal place for those who love good food and are looking for a place to have fun and stay in good company. Putì is where the Sicilian culinary tradition meets contemporaneity and research, bringing a natural food and wine experience to the table. The ancient Sicilian recipes were relived in a new light to give life to the cuisine of memories. Flavours and aromas of the past, enhanced by high-quality raw materials and respectful contemporary accents, bring back to the table the dishes of a distant time, their authenticity and history. We will guide you on an all-Sicilian journey with cuisine for everyone and for everyone, where anyone can savour a memory or create a new one called Sicily.

Corte Dei Biscari

$$$ Via Porticello, 5, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
The Corte Dei Biscari restaurant is located in the heart of Catania and offers purely Mediterranean cuisine based on fish. Tradition reigns supreme in this restaurant, where raw materials are treated with great care, handmade and served in the best possible way. The fish from the Mediterranean coasts is controlled and brought daily by local producers. A casual, intimate, familiar location, perfect for a family lunch but also for a romantic dinner or dinner with friends.


$$ Piazza S. Francesco D'Assisi, 8, 95124, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Deliziosa was born from the desire to create an informal and welcoming place where you can find rich and, above all, genuine dishes, where you can feel at home while being in the beating heart of the city, and where you can rediscover the beauty of simple flavours, to be savoured rigorously slowly. Why The Understanding of Tastes? Because the strength of the Delicious is our personal understanding is the meeting of different worlds but capable of enriching and improving each other. All this translates into the combination of our dishes with a selection of good Sicilian wine.

Filo D’esca

$$ Via Mazza, 14/16, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
A stone's throw from the sea, in Catania, we find the Filo d'Esca restaurant. A casual, intimate, very familiar restaurant where you can fully enjoy the exquisiteness of the food and the freshness of the sea. The air of saltiness leads the restaurant's customers to enjoy a dinner or lunch in total relaxation, savouring the fruits of the Mediterranean to the full. Fresh fish, caught daily, is brought to the tables directly from the sea. The main secret to a great dish is the quality of the raw material.


$$ Via Gisira, 8, 95121, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Fast Casual
At first, it is confusion and daze. Between intense colours, pungent smells and indistinct shouting, 'a Piscaria di Catania (the historic city fish market) enraptures tourists and passers-by, catapulting them into a timeless space where, amid singsongs in dialect, bold nursery rhymes, winks, and vitiate (the of sellers who attract customers), the most typical atmospheres of local fairs are relived. The "kitchen on the market" was born, in the heart of the Pescheria di Catania, from the recovery of two small historic shops overlooking a courtyard that seemed to have always been there, waiting to become an alternative space for meeting, relaxing, chatting and tasting of good food.
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