Best Restaurants in Catania

Filo D’esca

$$ Via Mazza, 14/16, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
A stone's throw from the sea, in Catania, we find the Filo d'Esca restaurant. A casual, intimate, very familiar restaurant where you can fully enjoy the exquisiteness of the food and the freshness of the sea. The air of saltiness leads the restaurant's customers to enjoy a dinner or lunch in total relaxation, savouring the fruits of the Mediterranean to the full. Fresh fish, caught daily, is brought to the tables directly from the sea. The main secret to a great dish is the quality of the raw material.


$$ Via Michele Rapisardi, 6, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The unique flavour of Sicilian seafood specialities in a restaurant in the beating heart of Catania. Our freshly caught fish is always fresh and of premium quality. We combine the excellence of our land with creative, genuine and tasty formulas. The menu, full of dishes, is designed to meet the tastes of all our customers. Our passion for the quality of the raw materials and our great attention to detail lead us to create combinations of unique and tailor-made flavours. The variety of our wine list enhances all our dishes, expertly recommended and matched by the staff. Located in the historic centre of Catania, next to the Vincenzo Bellini Theater, Calarittu is a warm and welcoming restaurant. Its style, modern and classic at the same time, recreates a magical atmosphere.

Sicilia In Bocca

$$$ Piazza Pietro Lupo, 16, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
The Sicilia in Bocca fish restaurant in Catania has decades of experience in the preparation of dishes based on fresh fish. We carefully prepare our dishes and balance the flavours for an experience to remember. The flavours you will taste at La Sicilia in Bocca derive from traditional recipes, genuine and fresh ingredients, and the continuous search for new combinations of flavours by our chef. The menu includes different varieties of first and second courses based on rigorously fresh fish. We invite you to try our prawns, calamari rings, lobsters, crabs and mussels.

La Taverna Del Grande Albero

$$ Via Cappuccini, 21/23, 95124, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Our cuisine is strongly expressed, cooked to order, and the foods cared for and exclusively expressed, fresh vegetables, fresh fish of the day every day, dressings with extra virgin olive oil, fixed fish menu € 15, selected meat menu € 10, first course - second course - side dish of your choice between three first courses and three-second courses, excluding drinks and cover charge. Service of communions, confirmations, baptisms, and birthdays, the restaurant has 40 seats, and for your events, you can create a menu that suits you with the chef who will offer you his specialities. The Taverna del Grande Alberto is located in the center of Catania, just a stone's throw from the beautiful Villa Bellini.

La Pentolaccia

$$ Via Coppola, 30, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
In the centre of Catania, it is the perfect place where you can taste the typical dishes of traditional Sicilian cuisine. From appetizers to first courses, from second courses to side dishes and desserts, all dishes are prepared with fresh and carefully selected ingredients. Our mission? Make you feel good at the table! Our weapons? Excellent regional wines accompany the many typical regional specialities of our rich menu!

Due Pistacchi Restaurant

$$$ Via Salvatore Tomaselli, 9, 95124, Catania
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Combining authenticity and creativity, skilfully blending international excellence with the typical flavours of great Sicilian gastronomy is the goal of Due Pistacchi Restaurant, the restaurant located in the heart of Catania that makes refinement its distinctive feature. The delicate flavour of the freshest fish, the goodness of the artisan pasta, and the high quality of the meats make our restaurant the ideal location for romantic dinners and lunches with friends but also for exclusive events and ceremonies. If you want to rediscover the unique flavour of Sicilian specialities, the refinement of French clams and oysters or the succulence of local meats, Due Pistacchi Restaurant is the restaurant for you. The richness of our menu is made up of imagination in the combination of flavours, passion for the high quality of the raw materials and great attention to detail.

Le Bistrot Napoleon

$$$$ Viale Mario Rapisardi, 18, 95123, Catania
French International Casual Dining Family Style Bistrot
Your aperitif, your special dinner, your special day, we will be ready to welcome you and guide you in a great experience in the world of food and good drinking beyond the Alps. You will be pampered by soft lights and a relaxing atmosphere accompanied by refined background music for a journey in authentic Parisienne. Our wine shop specializes in French wines from all regions of France; as far as Champagnes are concerned, we have a vast selection of large Maisons and small Vignerons, including Cremants.

Me Cumpari Turiddu

$$$ Piazza Turi Ferro, 36/38, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Jazz music, soft lights, recycled material: Welcome to the home of Me Cumpari Turiddu, between authentic Sicilian flavors and retro taste. A journey into the memory of a distant Sicily to be relived and savored with small artisanal productions and Slow Food Presidia: this is the experience that I Cumpari Turiddu wishes its guests to experience. A journey to a welcoming Sicily with an elegant atmosphere reminiscent of family lunches where grandmothers and aunts took care of every detail with love. With this same spirit, among antique lace tables and crystal chandeliers, you can enjoy seasonal land and sea cuisine inspired by the Sicilian tradition and oriented towards the protection of small local productions.

Gulien - Cucina Al Centro

$$$$ Piazza Del Duomo, 18, 95124, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Gulien was born from the need of Chef Peppe Guglielmino to bring his experiences in foreign kitchens to the city of Catania and merge them with the tradition that has always distinguished the Guglielmino family. The historical name of the restaurant for the city. Gulien is the only restaurant in the Cathedral of Catania. A unique atmospheric experience: seeing and tasting different lands and cultures in the same dish. Peppe Guglielmino's idea has always been to create amazement with every bite of his dish. Designing and building the menus are his main tasks at Gulien; his motto is: "Mediocrity is simple and follow it the same, but I humbly chose excellence"

Sikulo Restaurant

$$$$ Via Antonino Di Sangiuliano, 83, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
A beautiful and refined fish restaurant in the heart of Catania. Sikulo presents itself with this elegant, spacious location, full of light, giving a romantic and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean fully. Traditional fish cuisine enhances the raw material in the best possible way, thanks to the skilled hands of the chefs. Furthermore, thanks to a splendid open kitchen, you can admire the chefs' work during your dinner or lunch.

Be Quiet

$$$$ Via Monte Sant'Agata, 6, 95124, Catania
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
The BeQuiet Restaurant amazes its customers with a menu that is a real journey of flavours among the recipes of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition. There are many fish-based dishes, from appetizers to first courses with seafood, to the unmissable grilled dishes, whose scent inebriates even before entering the dining room. Specialities first and second courses typical of the Catania tradition. Pastries and sweets are typical of our production. The Be Quiet brings to the table the tastes and flavours of the typical dishes of the Sicilian tradition. Tasting the characteristic foods of a place also corresponds to understanding its culture.

Catania Ruffiana

$$$ Via Aloi, 50, 95129, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Coming from a decennial experience with the Saponari di Trecastagni, in the heart of the city of Catania, the new opening of the Trattoria "Catania Ruffiana". Contemporary and traditional proposals in a rustic and comfortable air-conditioned environment. Confident in the choice of raw materials, we offer excellent value for money.


$$ Via Gisira, 8, 95121, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Fast Casual
At first, it is confusion and daze. Between intense colours, pungent smells and indistinct shouting, 'a Piscaria di Catania (the historic city fish market) enraptures tourists and passers-by, catapulting them into a timeless space where, amid singsongs in dialect, bold nursery rhymes, winks, and vitiate (the of sellers who attract customers), the most typical atmospheres of local fairs are relived. The "kitchen on the market" was born, in the heart of the Pescheria di Catania, from the recovery of two small historic shops overlooking a courtyard that seemed to have always been there, waiting to become an alternative space for meeting, relaxing, chatting and tasting of good food.

Giardino Di Bacco Restaurant

$$$$ Via Etnea, 704, 95129, Catania
Italian Family Style
The Giardino di Bacco restaurant is located in San Giovanni La Punta (CT) in an ancient villa of the early twentieth century surrounded by citrus trees. Since 1993 true local cuisine, with classical tastes.


$$ Piazza S. Francesco D'Assisi, 8, 95124, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Deliziosa was born from the desire to create an informal and welcoming place where you can find rich and, above all, genuine dishes, where you can feel at home while being in the beating heart of the city, and where you can rediscover the beauty of simple flavours, to be savoured rigorously slowly. Why The Understanding of Tastes? Because the strength of the Delicious is our personal understanding is the meeting of different worlds but capable of enriching and improving each other. All this translates into the combination of our dishes with a selection of good Sicilian wine.

Corte Dei Biscari

$$$ Via Porticello, 5, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
The Corte Dei Biscari restaurant is located in the heart of Catania and offers purely Mediterranean cuisine based on fish. Tradition reigns supreme in this restaurant, where raw materials are treated with great care, handmade and served in the best possible way. The fish from the Mediterranean coasts is controlled and brought daily by local producers. A casual, intimate, familiar location, perfect for a family lunch but also for a romantic dinner or dinner with friends.


$$ Via Sant'Euplio, 108, 95125, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
One step away from the historic centre of Catania, we will welcome you in a suggestive but at the same time sophisticated location, designed to be the perfect place for both a business lunch and a gallant dinner or an evening with friends. The ideal place for those who not only love good food but are looking for a place to have fun and stay in good company. Putì is where the Sicilian culinary tradition meets contemporaneity and research, bringing a real food and wine experience to the table. The ancient Sicilian recipes relive in a new light to give life to a cuisine of memories. Flavours and aromas of the past, enhanced by high-quality raw materials and respectful contemporary accents, bring back to the table the dishes of a distant time, their authenticity and history. We will guide you on an all-Sicilian journey with cuisine for everyone and for everyone, where anyone can savour a memory or create a new one called Sicily.

Sagré Ristorante

$$$ Corso Delle Province, 99, 95128, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
The seasonality of the products and the cuisine are in tune with the times in which eating well also means eating healthy. In line with times when hospitality means satisfying the customer. At Sagrè, you will find peace and harmony with which you can enjoy the beauties that cooking and food can give you. A casual, bright and beautiful venue that inspires kitchens and delights diners. A certified quality for all the raw materials guarantees the customer different flavours.

Il Gambero Pazzo

$$ Via Vela, 1, 95100, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The restaurant in the historic centre of Catania, the standard-bearer of the Sicilian city, offers one of the best fish cuisines in southern Italy. Gambero Pazzo is among the best known, thanks to the goodness of its raw materials, the chef's love for cooking, and the impeccable preparation of his staff. A traditional, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, fresh, thanks to the daily catches that the local supply chains offer to restaurateurs. Absolute quality at the service of your diners.

Cu A Voli Cotta Cu A Voli Crura

$$ Via Euplio Reina, 18, 95121, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
Really nice restaurant located in the centre of Catania, showing off a casual look, simple but also elegant at the same time. Cu a Voli Cotta and Cu a Voli Crura is a restaurant that mainly bases its cuisine on fish but not only. A traditional Italian cuisine, Sicilian, with thick and deep roots in its own land. A varied menu, which ranges from appetizers to main courses, in order not to disappoint anyone's expectations and, above all, the palates.
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