Best Restaurants in Siracusa

La Vineria Café

$$$ Via Cavour, 9, 96010, Ortigia, Siracusa
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Bistrot
An elegant, yet relaxed fusion of winery and restaurant, created and run by women only, which makes the venue a unique place. La Vineria Café is a restaurant located near the Sicilian coast, in the city of Syracuse, which offers its customers the typical flavours of Italy and the south. The menu is varied and ranges from land and sea first courses to second courses, with fresh fish and top-quality cuts of meat. The excellence of the products reigns supreme in a place where the atmosphere is welcoming and familiar, with live music on weekends.

Retrò La Locanda

$$ Via Giovanni Torres, 2, 96100, Siracusa
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining
A kitchen in full traditional style, where the love for food merges with the expectations of the diners who can only applaud in front of absolute marvels. Sicilian cuisine is brought to the table by the boys of Retro, a charming inn near Ortigia in Syracuse, where tradition is the master. Here you will find the best traditional dishes revisited in a modern key to give that extra touch of class to every bite.

Il Tiranno

$$$$ Viale Montedoro, 78, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining Elegant & Chic Bistrot
A meeting of taste and atmosphere, this is the mix of the Il Tiranno bistro, the flagship of the house. The splendid view of the garden of the Syracusan forum surrounded by trees, flowers and Mediterranean essences will welcome you. A special setting, captivating at any time of the year, to indulge in the taste of the dishes proposed by chef Valentina Galli. Whether it is for a lunch returning from the sea or for a romantic candlelit dinner, the taste experience at the Tiranno restaurant remains one of the most beautiful and intense moments to try. Il Tiranno's cuisine is made of love, technique, textures and contaminations because we think happiness is only real when shared.

Ristorante Room Cucina

$$$$ Via Dei Mille, 38, 96100, Ortigia, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
We have imagined a space to welcome those who use care in their choices. We are in Palazzo Giaracà, facing the beauty of the port of Syracuse. Here we have created Room Cucina, a social space that recounts our extravagant welcome with a retro atmosphere in soft colours. We work with research ideas, seasonality, and territoriality, which are transformed into dishes with a strong identity through memory and techniques. Memory is the gaze with which we investigate the future. Our restaurant, a few steps from the entrance to Ortigia, filters the tradition of Sicilian seafood cuisine through the meshes of research. Our cuisine is made up of attention and care in the choice of raw materials, knowledge of the territory and devotion to its seasons.

ALevante Restaurant

$$$ Largo Della Gancia, 5, 96100, Ortigia, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
aLevante is a restaurant overlooking the Ortigia seafront in front of the Maniace castle. The owners, Francesco, Gipi & Igor, will be happy to welcome you on a terrace and propose you the original dishes, full of perfumes and flavours of Sicily and the Mediterranean Sea revisited by the Chef and desserts every day prepared. Booking is recommended. Air-conditioned rooms.

Ristorante Retroscena

$$$ Via Della Maestranza, 108, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining
A suggestive location, a wonderful place, with soft lighting and elegant dining room decorations, present the Retroscena restaurant, a perfect place to enjoy the joys of food, which it gives us every day, thanks to the delicacies that the earth provides us. A typically Sicilian, traditional cuisine carefully prepared by the chefs.

Macallè Sicilian Bistrot

$$ Via Dei Santi Coronati, 42, 96100, Siracusa
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
It is a typical Sicilian restaurant where you can taste traditional Sicilian cuisine in a contemporary key. The chef's philosophy is to transform grandmother's recipes into modern dishes, paying meticulous attention to the seasonality of the products, strictly local and extremely fresh. For those who want a unique culinary experience, come to Macallè, who will fulfil your wishes with our little seasonal inspirations. We like food, a lot different than usual, just like you.

Le 7 Spezie

$$$ Piazzale Guglielmo Marconi, 17, 96100, Siracusa
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Flavours of tradition and smells of memory. This characterizes the restaurant-pizzeria Le Sette Spezie, a jumble of ancient memories linked to the cuisine of our grandmothers and mothers who come to life in simple, genuine and delicious dishes prepared on sight. Thanks to the large internal windows, it is, in fact, possible to observe the "artisanal" work of the chefs in their kitchen and appreciate the transparency and creativity of each dish. Each gastronomic proposal is always accompanied by fine wines and craft beers that delight the palate of customers. This and much more in Le Sette Spezie, a place to be discovered and "savoured".

Ristorante La Darsena

$$$ Riva G .Garibaldi, 6, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
A traditional tavern overlooking the sea brings to mind the beauty of dining by candlelight on the seashore. At La Darsena restaurant, you will rediscover the beauty of little things. Simple, traditional cuisine that takes the mind elsewhere, a truly relaxing, enchanting place facing the sea, recreating a truly suggestive and unique atmosphere to fully enjoy Sicilian dishes' goodness.

Locanda Maniace

$$$ Via Castello Maniace, 52, 96100, Ortigia, Siracusa
Italian Premium Casual
Locanda Maniace and its staff are waiting for you to taste the Sicilian land and sea flavour accompanied by native wines. One of the best-known restaurants in the Sicilian territory, especially in Ortigia, in the Syracuse area, where, thanks to the talent of its chefs and the freshness and authenticity of its products, the Locanda Maniace is among the most awarded and recognized places in the area.

Ristorante Eduardo

$$$$ Viale Scala Greca, 325, 96100, Siracusa
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The Eduardo Restaurant, located on the ground floor of the romantic Hotel Parco delle Fontane in Syracuse, offers fresh fish dishes of the day, land, and vegetarian dishes. Only local products are used, of which Chef Aicha Karim knows the origin, history and social and cultural value; meats, vegetables, fruit, cured meats and cheeses from small and fine artisanal productions.

Le Sorelle Bandiera

$$ Via Trento, 29, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
In Sicily, there is little to do; it is always good. But what if you could get even better? If you happen upon (or go specifically) to a restaurant with typical cuisine in Syracuse, such as Le Sorelle Bandiera, you cannot but try a unique sensory experience of its kind that will make you love Sicily even more in all its nuances and delicacies! The name "Le Sorelle Bandiera" derives from the three sisters who decided to set up this activity: daughters of art, they have always dedicated themselves to satisfying the tastes of their customers with dishes with a special flavour, rich in tradition and the fruit of true passion for cooking, which they have always had in their DNA.

Apollonion - Osteria Da Carlo

$$$$ Via Carmelo Campisi, 18, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Since 2005, the Apollonian restaurant has been offering a tasting menu of the day's catch. The staff and the whole team try to bring the best value for money to the table with attention and care to return a genuine expression of the local culinary tradition. Kindness and courtesy do the rest. The a la carte menu with the various menus, which mark the Sicilian tradition well, offers a truly enviable selection of Sicilian wines to be combined perfectly with the first or second courses.

Seby - L'Osteria

$$$ Via Vincenzo Mirabella, 19, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
Welcoming and familiar environment, in full respect of the ancient Sicilian culture: the Osteria da Seby welcomes you and is ready, with its typical Sicilian dishes, to make you part of a gastronomic journey that will push you into the heart of the most authentic Sicilian flavours. A familiar environment but with attention to every detail and ancient dishes designed to show you the true face of Sicilian cuisine.

Enoteca EVOÈ

$$ Via Della Maestranza, 56, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fast Casual
Enoteca Evoè is located in Ortigia, Syracuse. A location to appreciate, buy and enjoy the finest wines of the Sicilian territory.

La Lisca Cucina e Bottega

$$ Via Emmanuele De Benedictis, 25, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
In sunny Syracuse stands the La Lisca restaurant, renowned in the city for offering its customers those flavours and smells of the Mediterranean that is so much appreciated and adored in the area. A fish cuisine, fresh, caught daily, and served directly on the customers' tables. First and second courses, appetizers with that aftertaste of the sea that will leave your mouth watering.

Ostaria Restaurant

$$$ Via G. B. Perasso, 10/12, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Family Style
Ostaria: a steakhouse and cocktail bar in Syracuse.

Porta Marina Restaurant

$$$$ Via Dei Candelai, 35, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining
Discover the refined seafood menu proposed by Salvo Di Mauro of the Porta Marina Restaurant. Traditional fish specialties of Syracuse in the heart of Ortigia.

La Terrazza Sul Mare

$$$$ Grand Hotel Ortigia, Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 12, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining
La Terrazza Sul Mare is located in Ortigia, Syracuse. A restaurant with seafood specialties that offers a breathtaking landscape of the sea.

Civico 25

$$$$ Via Malta, 25, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fine dining
Civico 25 is located on the island of Ortigia in Syracuse, one of the most interesting places in Sicily with a thousand-year history. The welcoming atmosphere is the pleasant background that accompanies a cuisine rich in typical local specialties, all prepared with the freshest ingredients.
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