Sapori Di Girgenti

About Us

Sapori Di Girgenti, nestled in the historic heart of Agrigento, Sicily, is a beacon of culinary excellence that pays homage to this storied region's ancient flavours and traditions. This exquisite restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience that captures the essence of Sicilian cuisine, blending time-honoured recipes with contemporary culinary techniques. Situated amidst the stunning archaeological sites and baroque architecture that define Agrigento, Sapori Di Girgenti invites guests to embark on a gastronomic journey that is as rich in history as it is in flavour. The ambience of Sapori Di Girgenti is a seamless fusion of elegance and tradition, where the warmth of Sicilian hospitality envelops each guest upon entry. The interior design reflects Sicily's rustic charm and vibrant spirit, with natural stone walls, wooden accents, and soft, ambient lighting creating an inviting and refined atmosphere.

The restaurant's outdoor seating area offers a picturesque setting for dining al fresco, allowing guests to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and the scenic beauty of Agrigento. At the heart of Sapori Di Girgenti's menu is a deep respect for the local land and sea, with each dish crafted using the freshest ingredients from the surrounding countryside and coastal waters. The culinary team, led by skilled chefs dedicated to preserving Sicilian culinary heritage, presents a selection of dishes that showcase the unique flavours and aromas of the region. The menu celebrates Sicily's bountiful produce and rich gastronomic culture, from succulent seafood specialities and artisanal pasta dishes to delectable meats cooked to perfection and vibrant vegetable creation.
Cuisines Italian, Mediterranean
Restaurant Type Casual Dining
Cuisine Styles Vegetarian, Vegan
Services Smoking Area, Takeaway, Outdoor Seating, Parking
Payment Options Cash, Visa, Mastercard

Map & Contacts

Address Via Giovanni Archeoli Russo 14
Agrigento, 92100
Telephone (+39) 3349357083