Best Restaurants in Cefalù

Cala Luna Restaurant

$$$$ Porto Di, Via Presidiana, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Haute cuisine restaurant on a lawn under the stars of Cefalù from June 2nd to September with an open kitchen and view of the sea, the Caldura stacks and the "Rocca". On cooler days, the Cala Luna is transferred to the elegant and panoramic Rizz'i Mari restaurant located on the first floor of the leading hotel building. Lively and contemporary, the chef's proposal is based on the immense gastronomic heritage of the area. Nature is his inspiration. He carefully selects his raw materials through the supply chain of farmers, breeders, fishermen and producers who work ethically and sustainably, avoiding, where possible, wholesalers and importers. A natural cuisine rich in flavours and colours, with simplicity and excellent technique, enhances every ingredient, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, considering everything at the same level.


$ Via Archimede, 3, 90015, Cefalù
Italian International Mediterranean Fast Casual Family Style
Foodda is located a few steps from the seafront of Cefalù, in Via Archimede, 3. Foodda combines the typical products of the Madonie and Sicilian territory with local tradition, giving prestige to its places and roots. Burgers, pasta, salads, sandwiches, beer & wine: immerse yourself in good taste through our rich and unique menus because there is food and food! The delights of local products combined in different dishes are simple but always win customers' hearts. Among famous first courses, burgers, and aperitifs rich in cold cuts and cheeses, accompanied by a bottle of wine or a cold beer, the right way to enjoy the beautiful Sicilian landscape while enjoying excellent food.

Bottega Tivitti

$$ Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina, 7, 90015, Cefalù
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Tivitti is a Sicilian workshop for experimenting with tastes and flavours. Tivitti respects the 'slow' philosophy linked to food and the quality of life. Bottega Tivitti is located on the Lungomare di Cefalù in a suggestive scenario where the excellence of our cuisine is combined with the scenic beauty—the best ingredients of typical Sicilian gastronomy are exalted in unique flavour partnerships. The Sicilian culinary tradition blends with modernity, creating a fascinating mix for customers attracted by the beauty of the dishes brought to the table. The Mediterranean cuisine proposes what the earth offers to man, from sea and land first courses to the beautiful Neapolitan-style pizzas, with dough leavened for over 72 hours, cooked in a state-of-the-art stone oven, giving a taste that cannot be found elsewhere.

Bastione & Costanza

$$ Piazza Francesco Crispi, 13, 90015, Cefalù
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
From the union of Bastione and Villa Costanza, Bastione & Costanza was born in the heart of Cefalù. In this space, you can "feel" the richness of the earth's resources and the Mediterranean lifestyle is linked to healthy food choices and sustainable production. A Cuisine that follows the seasonal cycles and the enhancement of the "local", a place to rediscover local producers and learn about agri-food production and traditional flavours. A cuisine committed to the search for products linked to the territories, Sicilian excellence and the direct availability of the raw material. The selection of the best Slow Food presidia in the area, mother yeast and ancient grains for the pizzas, a careful selection of small producers, the richness of the earth's resources and the Mediterranean lifestyle are the philosophy and the choices. A journey of knowledge of the product and the territory with traditional Sicilian dishes that mix with new culinary sensibilities.

Ristorante Pizzeria Al Porticciolo

$$$ Via Carlo Ortolani Di Bordonaro, 66, 90015, Cefalù
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
The frame is the village of Cefalù. You are the protagonist, enjoying the view from a terrace by the sea. Sitting down, drink a glass of good wine and foretaste the dish before you, thanks to the scent that invades your nostrils. You fill your eyes with colours, and the breeze caresses your face. Please open your eyes again; it wasn't imagination; you're living it. You are at the small port of Cefalù. Sicily is an island rich in culture, and its culinary art mirrors an identity of contrasts and unions, passion and sharing. Our dishes try their best to represent the uniqueness of a generous land and sea. At the Al Porticciolo restaurant, dishes and specialities of Sicilian cuisine are prepared, the characteristic f the island and the local one, in addition to the many Italian recipes flavoured with citrus fruits, herbs and herbs and spices. Fresh fish is the main ingredient of seafood dishes, inhabiting the depths of the very rich Mediterranean, and here you can also eat sensational raw seafood.

B.I.F. Braceria Italiana Fuorimondo

$$$ Via Madonna Degli Angeli, 12, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Argentinean Casual Dining
Located in the historical centre of Cefalù, La Braceria B.I.F., is a renovated place, in style and elegance, with ancient stone walls. From B.I.F., you will find the best meats to satisfy any palate. You can always taste quality cuts worldwide while sitting comfortably at the table in a welcoming and modern environment. The carefully chosen and selected meats from the local supply chains guarantee impeccable maturation for each cut, ensuring the customer a soft, delicate meat that melts in the mouth, from T-Bons to a tender rib eye or a friendly, tender, succulent sirloin.

Ristorante La Galleria

$$$ Via Mandralisca, 23, &, Via XXV Novembre, 22, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining
A multi-sensory space to experience multiple emotions and combine the experiences of culture, art and good food. The Galleria restaurant in Cefalù was born from the idea of Angelo Daino and Giuseppe Provenza, two young entrepreneurs who created a permanent artistic laboratory inside the premises of the Mandralisca Museum and a place to experiment with new dishes and confront artists. The restaurant's cuisine is Mediterranean and creative, with words linked to tradition and masterfully reinterpreted, focusing a lot on the quality of the raw materials and innovative cooking techniques. The care in their presentation for the complete satisfaction of taste buds and pupils denotes a great love of the chefs for their profession. The Chef and his collaborators have gained multiple experiences, expertly blended for an uncommon final result. The seasonal menu always guarantees products of the highest quality, allowing them to be savoured at their best. The raw materials are all of outstanding excellence and are sought after day by day always to guarantee customers the best products.

Seaview Restaurant

$$ Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina, 25, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
Seaview Restaurant is located in the splendid setting of the Norman town of Cefalù, a medieval village rich in history, culture and incredible natural beauty. It has a suggestive terrace where you can taste the specialities of the local tradition, enjoying an enchanting view of the sea. The things offered by the restaurant are prepared with a creative and, at the same time, contemporary approach, blending traditional ingredients and innovative techniques in a perfect balance. Mainly based on the sea, its cuisine reflects the Sicilian tradition, thanks to the fresh fish that arrives from the Mediterranean coasts every day. It guarantees its customers that unique freshness that lives in the dishes.

Sutt'a Ràvia

$$ Piazza Cristoforo Colombo, 5/6/7, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
A stone's throw from the sea, a restaurant that lives on the sea breathes the ocean and brings the sea to the table. From Sutt'a Ràvia, you will find what the waters of the Mediterranean give to the land, providing wealth. The restaurant overlooks the coast and looks casual, simple, informal, and very welcoming, with a staff trained in detail and courteous in dealing with the customer. The cuisine is simple and does not go off the field, mainly basing its style on the sea, therefore presenting seafood dishes based on fish, thanks to the freshness of the product. The local supply chains, thanks to the daily catches, guarantee an incomparable quality of the raw material.

Al Capone Restaurant

$$$$ Via Dei Mulini, 20, 90015, Cefalù
Italian International European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
In the Gardens of Paradise in Cefalù, the Al Capone Restaurant offers continuous references to Sicilian culture and tradition, thus revealing the love for the typical products of the generous Sicilian land through the dishes of its tasty and refined cuisine, served at sunset under the white garden curtains. Mediterranean dishes, fresh fish, local vegetables, preserves and traditional desserts, many organic products and the three Slow Food Presidia of the Madonie Park. Over one hundred labels selected from the most awarded Sicilian wineries, whose secrets will be shared with you by the discreet and attentive care of the Maître. Finally, national and international bubbles, malvasia, passito and typical marsala for your aperitifs and after dinner.

Locanda Del Marinaio

$$$$ Via Porpora, 5, 90015, Cefalù
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining
La Locanda del Marinaio is one of the most renowned restaurants in the beautiful city of Cefalù, set like a diamond in the splendid setting of the city cathedral. The restaurant offers delicious fish specialities, a symbol of the long Sicilian culinary tradition, reinterpreted by the chef through the canons of modern cuisine and with a pinch of innovation. The fish specialities are proposed to marry perfectly with the selection of local and national wines from the cellar and find the proper exaltation between the taste buds of your mouth. Open for both lunch and dinner, the Locanda del Marinaio will win you over thanks to the goodness and freshness of the fish dishes on offer and the friendliness of the staff, who will make you feel right at home.

Le Chat Noir

$$$ Via XXV Novembre, 17, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The Le Chat Noir restaurant is located via XXV Novembre 17, in one of the Sicilian town's busiest and most evocative streets, a few steps from the world-famous Cathedral of Cefalù. Regarding the architectural tradition of the city, we wanted to maintain the original structure of our location inserted in a late 16th-century building. In the kitchen, Father Lillo and his son Fabio always work on perfecting their culinary art, respecting the foundations of Sicilian cuisine and leaving room for innovations. Fabio, in particular, is attentive to the experimentation and reinvention of dishes with different aromas and ingredients from the original recipes. With an imperative that, however, he never wants to abandon: to use only top quality Sicilian products at zero kilometres, to never lose the typical tastes of the Sicilian palate.

TINCHITE' Taverna E Putia

$$ Via XXV Novembre, 37, 90015, Cefalù
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The Taverna Tinchitè is a typical place to taste the best traditional Sicilian dishes or take them home. It is the emblem of the Sicilian saying "taverna e putia". It is located in the heart of the historical centre of Cefalù. It was born to make people savour the original recipes of the typical Sicilian grandmothers and revive the ancient flavours of cooking and winemaking traditions. The Tavern is where you can get intoxicated with taste and art. The dishes are prepared with fresh products offered "a tinchitè", a typical Sicilian dialect expression whose meaning is "in abundance"—a wide variety of proposals: from meat to fish, all exclusively typical of the Sicilian tradition.

Mandralisca Sedici Sicilian Bistrot

$$ Via Mandralisca, 16, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Bistrot
In Cefalù, in the historic heart of the city, a few steps from the cathedral, via Mandralisca, which inspires the name of our restaurant, between river stone pebbles and lumachella, Mandralisca 16 has taken shape. The staff is always available, a winning, professional, friendly and easy-going team that will welcome you, making you breathe the familiar air of a meeting place from other times. What distinguishes Mandralisca is the ability to combine quality and affordable prices by giving customers what they are looking for; we arouse enthusiasm, create for them, and bring only the best gastronomic specialities to the table. In the restaurant specializing in Sicilian cuisine in Cefalù, we are constantly looking for excellent land and sea products, including many slow food principals from small regional producers starting with the oil, rigorously extra virgin, the treasured legumes of the Madonie, cheeses and cured meats produced in a skilful manner that differ from the others by type of pasture and seasoning, typical Sicilian organic and vegetarian products.”

Al Faro

$$$ Via Porta Giudecca, 62 A, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Premium Casual
We find the Il Faro restaurant with a beautiful view of the coast and the Sicilian sea, in the heart of the small but beautiful Cefalù. Known in the area, thanks to its beautiful scenery and its name, the restaurant boasts, as mentioned, one of the gorgeous panoramic views of the city and, together with it, unites us with a Mediterranean cuisine worthy of being remembered for posterity. Tradition reigns supreme, giving diners a taste of how Sicilian cuisine leaves an indelible mark on the hearts and stomachs of those who stop to try it. Seafood cuisine but not only, but you will also find everything you want.


$$$$ Via G. Amendola, 16A, 90015, Cefalù
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining
In the charming Cefalù, we find a chic restaurant with an innovative, modern and welcoming location. Let's talk about the Qualia restaurant, one of the best-known in the country and along the Sicilian coast. A restaurant that offers cuisine of a certain level boasts, among other things, the recognition for excellence, namely the Michelin star. Synonymous with quality and reliability, Qualia reflects gourmet cuisine in a traditional and Mediterranean food and wine scene. Attention to detail, raw materials sought with maniacal care, preparation of a certain level, thanks to the great mastery of the chefs in the kitchen, and dishes to make your head spin, ready to captivate you with their beauty and unmistakable southern flavours.

Ristorante Triscele

$$$$ Via Umberto I°, 34, 90015, Cefalù
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The typical Triskele restaurant in Cefalù is the right place to taste traditional Sicilian cuisine. Here, the dishes are made with care and passion, using only fresh, high-quality local ingredients to give the palate an unforgettable experience thanks to the area's excellence. One of the restaurant's strengths is the attention to the customer, who is accompanied on a unique tasting journey in a private and romantic setting. During the summer, the restaurant also offers a well-kept outdoor area to enjoy the view of the historical centre of Cefalù fully. If you want to savour the true essence of Sicily, the Triskele restaurant is the right place to go! It is a mix of tradition and innovation that will take you on a culinary journey through Sicilian cuisine. Here at the Triskele restaurant, only the best ingredients are used, selected from the area and of excellence, to create dishes of excellence that will accompany you in discovering the scents and flavours of Sicily. The menu offers delicious fish-based specialities, whose freshness and flavour will surprise even the most demanding palates.

La Botte

$$ Via Veterani, 20, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
In the heart of Cefalù, a lovely restaurant set among the milestones of the historic centre of this delightful seaside village, renowned for being one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sicily. La Botte offers a traditional cuisine that recalls the ancient recipes of grandmothers, closed at home to prepare the typical delights of one of the most ancient gastronomic cultures of the whole Italian peninsula. The restaurant looks simple, elementary, welcoming and warm, perfect for lunches and dinners with families, friends or colleagues. A menu mainly based on the daily catch offered by the Sicilian coasts, between appetizers, and first and second courses, there is something to lose your head.

Cortile Pepe

$$$ Via Nicola Botta, 15, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Premium Casual
Modernity and tradition, the exaltation of local flavours and external contaminations, respect for the highest quality raw materials and experimentation in the heart of the historical centre of Cefalù, a few steps from the Duomo. The vision of the Cortile Pepe restaurant was born from the desire to enhance the authentic cuisine of the beautiful Sicilian territory, which mitigates between the flavours of the land and those of the sea with seasonal proposals created by chef Gioacchino Gaglio. Thanks to obsessive care, every day, the organic garden allows the transformation of highly fresh and quality raw materials that enrich the gastronomic offer of Cortile Pepe. The wine list has about 400 labels ranging from the Sicilian territory, the true spearhead of the cellar, to the international one, including great champagnes and wines from all over the world.
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