Best Fast Casual Restaurants in Sicily


$$ Via Gisira, 8, 95121, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Fast Casual
At first, it is confusion and daze. Between intense colours, pungent smells and indistinct shouting, 'a Piscaria di Catania (the historic city fish market) enraptures tourists and passers-by, catapulting them into a timeless space where, amid singsongs in dialect, bold nursery rhymes, winks, and vitiate (the of sellers who attract customers), the most typical atmospheres of local fairs are relived. The "kitchen on the market" was born, in the heart of the Pescheria di Catania, from the recovery of two small historic shops overlooking a courtyard that seemed to have always been there, waiting to become an alternative space for meeting, relaxing, chatting and tasting of good food.

Black & White

$$ Via Conte Ruggero, 4, 94018, Troina
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Fast Casual Pizzeria
Nestled in the heart of Troina, Black & White emerges as a gastronomic marvel that cleverly fuses Sicilian traditions with modern culinary artistry. The restaurant, true to its name, is a captivating play of contrasts, both in its interiors and on the plate. Upon entering Black & White, patrons are greeted by an ambience that's a masterful blend of old-world charm and sleek modernism. Classic Sicilian tiles, hinting at the island's rich history, seamlessly integrate with chic black and white decor, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance. Vintage photographs of Troina, rendered in monochrome, adorn the walls, paying homage to the town's storied past. The menu at Black & White is a testament to the balance of tradition and innovation. Classic Sicilian dishes, known for their vibrant flavours and colours, are reimagined in a contemporary black-and-white palette. The 'Ravioli di Nero' features pasta pockets filled with fresh seafood infused with squid ink for a deep black hue against a delicate white wine sauce. Another standout is the 'Bianco e Nero Risotto', a harmonious blend of white Arborio rice, black truffles, and Pecorino cheese, culminating in a visually stunning and delightfully aromatic dish.

Sangre Rojo

$$$ Contrada Sangue Rosso, 98055, Quattropani, Lipari
Italian Fast Casual
Elegant restaurant with fish-based cuisine and Aeolian specialties.

Il Galeone

$$$ Via Vittorio Emanuele, 220, 98055, Lipari
Italian Fast Casual
Restaurant - Bar- Pizzeria, in the heart of the historic center of Lipari.

Mazzini 30 Taverna

$$$$ Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 30, 90139, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Fast Casual Elegant & Chic Bistrot
Mazzini 30 Taverna is a warm, intimate and refined place that lends itself to being the ideal place to sip excellent cocktails thanks to a skilful preparation resulting from great experience or savor high-level culinary specialties studied with a creative soul and great attention. The cuisine manages to reconcile the finesse of the most delicate tastes with the typical aromas of Sicilian cuisine. Mazzini 30 in Palermo, in the Borgo Vecchio area, is an inviting opportunity for the finest palates and lovers of good food, a wide range of savory and sweet foods, combined with a vast list of wines, beers and cocktails.

La Braciera

$$ Via San Lorenzo, 6/B, 90146, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Fast Casual Family Style Pizzeria
La Braciera pizzeria was born in the eighties in the now historic headquarters in Via San Lorenzo in Palermo. For over thirty years La Braciera has guaranteed quality and authenticity, welcoming generations of gourmets. The restaurant has an air-conditioned lounge furnished with care and rustic elegance.

Alias Ristorante

$$ Via Danae, 2, 90149, Mondello, Palermo
Italian Fast Casual
Our cooking philosophy is based on the constant search for high quality raw materials, choosing local products. Alias ​​Ristorante is located in Palermo, in the Addaura neighborhood.


$ Via Archimede, 3, 90015, Cefalù
Italian International Mediterranean Fast Casual Family Style
Foodda is located a few steps from the seafront of Cefalù, in Via Archimede, 3. Foodda combines the typical products of the Madonie and Sicilian territory with local tradition, giving prestige to its places and roots. Burgers, pasta, salads, sandwiches, beer & wine: immerse yourself in good taste through our rich and unique menus because there is food and food! The delights of local products combined in different dishes are simple but always win customers' hearts. Among famous first courses, burgers, and aperitifs rich in cold cuts and cheeses, accompanied by a bottle of wine or a cold beer, the right way to enjoy the beautiful Sicilian landscape while enjoying excellent food.

Vico Dei Santi

$$$$ Corso Umberto I, 163, 97015, Modica
Italian Fast Casual
The Vico dei Santi restaurant is located in Corso Umberto I, right along the main avenue of Modica, in front of the Church of San Pietro. Designed for residents and tourists, it offers refinement, quality, and very high professionalism from lunch to dinner, immersed in a relaxing atmosphere with a minimal style; a place suitable for both adults and children. You will be transported on a gastronomic walk worthy of the best Sicilian tradition, from homemade pasta to a refined proposal of meat and fish, to tasty salads with 0 km products.

Ristorante Al Monaco

$$ Contrada Abremi, 11, 97015, Modica
Italian Fast Casual


$$ Via Amerigo Vespucci, 9, 97010, Marina di Ragusa, Ragusa
Italian International Casual Dining Fast Casual Family Style Pizzeria
At Bolla, you will find the pleasure of eating all the best that exists. From pizza, made with the classic method, with 0 flour, soft wheat, soy flour, rice flour, and the dough left to rise for over 96 hours! In addition to the pizza, you will find fantastic hamburgers, which recall those old American TV series, with a soft and fluffy bun of their own creation, Chianina beef for delicious hamburgers full of flavours. Furthermore, leaving out sandwiches and pulled pork, you will find cuts of black Angus and not only scary. It is a fine cut from the loin's first five ribs. It is deboned and cleaned of all external parts and covering fat. The main feature is the marbling which makes the meat soft and tasty. In addition to Angus, you will find cuts of Tomahawk and T-Bon.

Enoteca EVOÈ

$$ Via Della Maestranza, 56, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Fast Casual
Enoteca Evoè is located in Ortigia, Syracuse. A location to appreciate, buy and enjoy the finest wines of the Sicilian territory.

Capricci In Tavola (Casimiro)

$$ Corso Italia 57/59, 91100, Trapani
Italian Fast Casual
Capricci in Tavola is a restaurant in the center of Trapani that proposes Mediterranean and Sicilian specialties


$$ Via Ammiraglio Staiti, 47, 91100, Trapani
Italian Fast Casual
Winehouse: the wine shop where you can taste local wines and spend relaxing nights with aperitifs and thematic tastings.

Ciacco Putia Gourmet

$$$ Via Sebastiano Cammareri Scurti, 3, 91025, Marsala
Italian Fast Casual
Ciacco Putia Gourmet is a shop with a restaurant and winery in Marsala, province of Trapani.

Osteria Il Gallo E L'Innamorata

$$ Via Stefano Bilardello, 18, 91025, Marsala
Italian Fast Casual
Osteria Il Gallo e Innamorata offers simple cuisine, with a few seasonal and daily dishes.

La Vineria

$$ Via Garraffa, 74/76, 91025, Marsala
Italian Fast Casual
​Family-run, with Mamma Vita in the kitchen, a new concept of typical Sicilian cuisine but like at home ... There are no à la carte menus but only what Mamma cooks today! A start-up entirely made in Sicily with the aim of enhancing and making the territory known through the products of its land.

C'era Una Volta

$$ Via Frisella, 58, 91025, Marsala
Italian Fast Casual

Pastando - Il Ristorantino

$ Via Cortese, 14/16A, 91010, San Vito Lo Capo
Italian Casual Dining Fast Casual Family Style
Pastando is both a pasta factory and a restaurant. You can find fresh pasta made with Sicilian grains, including ancient ones, without adding eggs, express sauces made with excellent raw materials, including organic ones, and quality first courses, cooked on sight and ready in a few minutes. An innovative, simple and unique proposal: choose the pasta format you prefer, the sauce that most appeal to you and decide whether to have lunch with us at home or in the office, taking advantage of the free takeaway and home services. Pastando is close to the beach of San Vito lo Capo and guarantees a meal overlooking the sea, giving you the proper relaxation.
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