Best Elegant & Chic Restaurants in Sicily

Villa Costanza

$$ Via Pietro Bonanno, 42, 90142, Palermo
Italian Elegant & Chic
Villa Costanza offers the specialties of Chef Antonio Terzo and his staff with pizzas now famous throughout the territory. The restaurant, between outdoor and indoor spaces, can host any type of event in a private area.

Taverna Migliore

$$$ Via Modica Ispica, 95, 97015, Modica
Italian Elegant & Chic
Taverna Migliore is located in a surprising place, in the artisanal area of ​​Modica, in the province of Ragusa. A natural stone farmhouse that seats 50 people, in a welcoming environment, surrounded by a garden and vegetable garden, where guests can make a sensory journey among trees, essences, and buds. To welcome you there are the hosts, the sisters Alice and Valentina Migliore. In the kitchen, the chef Lorenzo Ruta, together with Giorgetta Abbate takes care of the cuisine of the Sicilian tradition.

Enoteca Tuttibrilli

$$$ Via Principe Di Villafranca, 54, 90141, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Bistrot
In the heart of Palermo, in via Principe di Villafranca 54, Enoteca Tuttibrilli is born, a unique place where cuisine and design are linked to create a warm and elegant environment. An ideal place to find warmth, hospitality, and simplicity; Enoteca Tuttibrilli is not a classic restaurant but a place for meetings and relationships, a simple and refined cuisine, where you can taste a glass of wine, a cocktail, champagne, and a selection of beers, a corner where you can listen to music and relax on the sofa, with tasting evenings and live music. A place where you can breathe the atmosphere of home, in the center of Palermo with a wide selection of wines of the highest quality from all regions of the Italian tradition able to satisfy even the most refined tastes, where for each of about 400 labels every type of wine is squeezed and served by the glass. With a transparent menu within everyone's reach.

Ristorante Dell'Antiquario Cucina Tipica Siciliana

$$$ Via Roma, 475, 90139, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
The Ristorante dell’Antiquario is an innovation in Palermo, but it is already capturing the hearts and palates of many guests. Located in the heart of the city, in front of the Grand Hotel delle Palme, the restaurant blends good cuisine with the good taste of ancient nineteenth-century furniture. A real leap in time, an authentic journey into taste to discover unique and genuine flavors, ensured by the fresh products and homemade pasta used to make each dish on the menu. Looking back is no coincidence. The restaurant was created by the Burgio family, well-known antique dealers from Palermo.

Mazzini 30 Taverna

$$$$ Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 30, 90139, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Fast Casual Elegant & Chic Bistrot
Mazzini 30 Taverna is a warm, intimate and refined place that lends itself to being the ideal place to sip excellent cocktails thanks to a skilful preparation resulting from great experience or savor high-level culinary specialties studied with a creative soul and great attention. The cuisine manages to reconcile the finesse of the most delicate tastes with the typical aromas of Sicilian cuisine. Mazzini 30 in Palermo, in the Borgo Vecchio area, is an inviting opportunity for the finest palates and lovers of good food, a wide range of savory and sweet foods, combined with a vast list of wines, beers and cocktails.

Apollonion - Osteria Da Carlo

$$$$ Via Carmelo Campisi, 18, 96100, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Since 2005, the Apollonian restaurant has been offering a tasting menu of the day's catch. The staff and the whole team try to bring the best value for money to the table with attention and care to return a genuine expression of the local culinary tradition. Kindness and courtesy do the rest. The a la carte menu with the various menus, which mark the Sicilian tradition well, offers a truly enviable selection of Sicilian wines to be combined perfectly with the first or second courses.

Ristorante Eduardo

$$$$ Viale Scala Greca, 325, 96100, Siracusa
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The Eduardo Restaurant, located on the ground floor of the romantic Hotel Parco delle Fontane in Syracuse, offers fresh fish dishes of the day, land, and vegetarian dishes. Only local products are used, of which Chef Aicha Karim knows the origin, history and social and cultural value; meats, vegetables, fruit, cured meats and cheeses from small and fine artisanal productions.

Ristorante Room Cucina

$$$$ Via Dei Mille, 38, 96100, Ortigia, Siracusa
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
We have imagined a space to welcome those who use care in their choices. We are in Palazzo Giaracà, facing the beauty of the port of Syracuse. Here we have created Room Cucina, a social space that recounts our extravagant welcome with a retro atmosphere in soft colours. We work with research ideas, seasonality, and territoriality, which are transformed into dishes with a strong identity through memory and techniques. Memory is the gaze with which we investigate the future. Our restaurant, a few steps from the entrance to Ortigia, filters the tradition of Sicilian seafood cuisine through the meshes of research. Our cuisine is made up of attention and care in the choice of raw materials, knowledge of the territory and devotion to its seasons.

Catania Ruffiana

$$$ Via Aloi, 50, 95129, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Elegant & Chic
Coming from a decennial experience with the Saponari di Trecastagni, in the heart of the city of Catania, the new opening of the Trattoria "Catania Ruffiana". Contemporary and traditional proposals in a rustic and comfortable air-conditioned environment. Confident in the choice of raw materials, we offer excellent value for money.

Sikulo Restaurant

$$$$ Via Antonino Di Sangiuliano, 83, 95131, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
A beautiful and refined fish restaurant in the heart of Catania. Sikulo presents itself with this elegant, spacious location, full of light, giving a romantic and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean fully. Traditional fish cuisine enhances the raw material in the best possible way, thanks to the skilled hands of the chefs. Furthermore, thanks to a splendid open kitchen, you can admire the chefs' work during your dinner or lunch.

Gulien - Cucina Al Centro

$$$$ Piazza Del Duomo, 18, 95124, Catania
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Gulien was born from the need of Chef Peppe Guglielmino to bring his experiences in foreign kitchens to the city of Catania and merge them with the tradition that has always distinguished the Guglielmino family. The historical name of the restaurant for the city. Gulien is the only restaurant in the Cathedral of Catania. A unique atmospheric experience: seeing and tasting different lands and cultures in the same dish. Peppe Guglielmino's idea has always been to create amazement with every bite of his dish. Designing and building the menus are his main tasks at Gulien; his motto is: "Mediocrity is simple and follow it the same, but I humbly chose excellence"

Due Pistacchi Restaurant

$$$ Via Salvatore Tomaselli, 9, 95124, Catania
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Combining authenticity and creativity, skilfully blending international excellence with the typical flavours of great Sicilian gastronomy is the goal of Due Pistacchi Restaurant, the restaurant located in the heart of Catania that makes refinement its distinctive feature. The delicate flavour of the freshest fish, the goodness of the artisan pasta, and the high quality of the meats make our restaurant the ideal location for romantic dinners and lunches with friends but also for exclusive events and ceremonies. If you want to rediscover the unique flavour of Sicilian specialities, the refinement of French clams and oysters or the succulence of local meats, Due Pistacchi Restaurant is the restaurant for you. The richness of our menu is made up of imagination in the combination of flavours, passion for the high quality of the raw materials and great attention to detail.

Vineria Modì

$$$$ Via Calapitrulli, 13, 98039, Taormina
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
A culinary experience through combinations of tastes and textures. Innovation and Creativity are accompanied by a Cellar made up of excellent and exclusive labels. At the Vineria Modì, a selection of the best KM0 meats where you can taste juicy cuts of the highest quality. Thanks to first-rate raw materials, Modì is known throughout Taormina, renamed for being among the area's best clubs and wine bars.

Gourmet 32

$$$$ Via Bagnoli Croci, 31, 98039, Taormina
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
To let you have an unforgettable experience, our chefs traditionally combine modern and antique tastes by using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Our chef accurately chose a selection of gastronomic specialities: raw fish sided with broad beans or fennel and local olive oil. Traditional dishes such as fresh homemade pasta with flour from ancient Sicilian wheat; paccheri with tuna, capers and country vegetables; le casarecce with anchovy and wild fennel. The best fresh fish of the day: the delicious grouper; spatola fillet cooked in the Aeolian way; fillet from meat from the Nebrodi Mountains cooked with Marsala wine – an old typical Sunday dish, still cooked in an authentic way.

Ristorante Pizzeria Tiramisù

$$$$ Via Cappuccini, 1, 98039, Taormina
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Glad to welcome you at Trattoria Tiramisu Taormina, where we’ll make you taste unique dishes inspired by Sicilian traditions, revisited by our chef with the will to make our guests experience new tastes. Our dishes are created starting from the best ingredients that Sicily offers: like daily fish, selected among the freshest at the local markets, which is one of the protagonists of our recipes combined with scents and flavours in order to enhance the main ingredients. A totally new culinary experience is waiting for you at Trattoria Tiramisu Taormina!

Granduca Taormina

$$$$ Corso Umberto, 172, 98039, Taormina
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The halls, the terrace and the garden all with a view of the sea and the Greek theatre. Ideal for meetings and receptions. The prestigious setting where you can savour typical dishes is strongly linked to the Sicilian tradition. The service quality and the place's magic and beauty make the Granduca Restaurant an exclusive location where food is one, but not the only, of the magnificent structure's ingredients. The restaurant is a must in Taormina restaurants and boasts a garden of exclusive charm. Away from prying eyes, in a magical atmosphere that many prefer for big events.

Ristorante L’Arco Dei Cappuccini

$$$ Via Cappuccini, 7a, 98039, Taormina
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Elegant, refined, intimate, chic. This is how we can define the restaurant L'arco dei Cappuccini. Located in the heart of splendid Taormina, the Arco dei Cappuccini offers elegant and refined gourmet cuisine only for the palates of connoisseurs. Crazy, fresh, native raw materials that leave you breathless for goodness. The chef meticulously chooses the menu who directs a diligent and welcoming staff in the kitchen. A magical, fairy-tale location in the middle of this green garden overlooking the sea. The restaurant has all the cards on the table to leave an indelible mark on you.

Ristorante Kairos

$$$$ Via Dietro Cappuccini, 10, 98039, Taormina
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The Kairos restaurant is the flagship of Taormina. One of the most renowned restaurants in the area, thanks to its food, its location, and its position, boasts a splendid view of the sea, offering its customers a dinner or lunch overlooking the Mediterranean. A simple and genuine cuisine. The Sicilian tradition enhanced by the genius and inspiration of Chef Antonio. On the fourth floor, on a panoramic terrace, you can enjoy the continental buffet breakfast with homemade desserts and typical Sicilian pastry delicacies. A rich selection of proposals with first-choice ingredients seasoned with experience and friendliness.

Altavilla Ristorante

$$$ Via Porta Del Santissimo Salvatore, 10, 91026, Mazara del Vallo
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Bringing the flavours of the sea and the land to the table by elegantly combining the raw materials our territory offers us: is the primary mission. From raw seafood to Gambero Rosso di Mazara, from selected meat tartare to vegetarian and vegan options. A complete menu is suitable for the most demanding palates. All raw materials are chosen with great care. The fish, fresh and frozen, comes directly from the Mazara fish factory and the city's fish boutique.

La Corte D'Aragona - Home Restaurant

$$$$ Via Giuffo, 2, 91026, Mazara del Vallo
Italian Fine dining Elegant & Chic Pizzeria
Enjoy excellent wine and dine with friends in a genuinely splendid location, surrounded by greenery, and dine by candlelight in this magnificent natural setting. The Court of Aragon is a picture of beauty and uniqueness. An intimate restaurant, small but welcoming, offers gourmet cuisine with an elegant and classy touch, ideally linked to the environment and the clientele. A different, unique, sleek restaurant which, thanks to its cuisine and Sicilian tradition, creates the perfect mix that blends perfection and daydreaming.
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