Best International Restaurants in Sicily

Le Bistrot Napoleon

$$$$ Viale Mario Rapisardi, 18, 95123, Catania
French International Casual Dining Family Style Bistrot
Your aperitif, your special dinner, your special day, we will be ready to welcome you and guide you in a great experience in the world of food and good drinking beyond the Alps. You will be pampered by soft lights and a relaxing atmosphere accompanied by refined background music for a journey in authentic Parisienne. Our wine shop specializes in French wines from all regions of France; as far as Champagnes are concerned, we have a vast selection of large Maisons and small Vignerons, including Cremants.

Due Pistacchi Restaurant

$$$ Via Salvatore Tomaselli, 9, 95124, Catania
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Combining authenticity and creativity, skilfully blending international excellence with the typical flavours of great Sicilian gastronomy is the goal of Due Pistacchi Restaurant, the restaurant located in the heart of Catania that makes refinement its distinctive feature. The delicate flavour of the freshest fish, the goodness of the artisan pasta, and the high quality of the meats make our restaurant the ideal location for romantic dinners and lunches with friends but also for exclusive events and ceremonies. If you want to rediscover the unique flavour of Sicilian specialities, the refinement of French clams and oysters or the succulence of local meats, Due Pistacchi Restaurant is the restaurant for you. The richness of our menu is made up of imagination in the combination of flavours, passion for the high quality of the raw materials and great attention to detail.

Kisté Easy Gourmet

$$$$ Via Santa Maria Dei Greci, 2, 98039, Taormina
Italian International European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Kisté Easy Gourmet, nestled in the historic and picturesque town of Taormina, Sicily, is a culinary gem that offers a modern and approachable take on gourmet dining. This charming restaurant is celebrated for its innovative approach to Sicilian and Mediterranean cuisine, where traditional flavours meet contemporary elegance in a relaxed and welcoming setting. Situated against the stunning backdrop of Taormina's ancient architecture and the azure waters of the Ionian Sea, Kisté Easy Gourmet provides an unforgettable dining experience that embodies the essence of effortless Italian sophistication. The ambience of Kisté Easy Gourmet is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern design, creating a chic and cosy atmosphere. The interior features minimalist décor, focusing on natural materials and soft, ambient lighting that adds to the restaurant's warm and inviting feel. The outdoor seating area is a coveted spot, offering diners the opportunity to enjoy their meal amidst the breathtaking beauty of Taormina, with panoramic views that span from the historic Greek Theatre to the shimmering sea beyond. At the heart of Kisté Easy Gourmet's menu is a passion for high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, expertly crafted into visually stunning dishes and bursting with flavour. The culinary team, led by talented chefs, takes pride in presenting a menu that is both innovative and accessible, featuring a variety of dishes that cater to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences. From fresh seafood and artisanal pasta to succulent meats and vibrant vegetarian options, each creation is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Sicily, reimagined with a modern twist.


$$ Via Ricasoli, 30, 90139, Palermo
Italian International Mediterranean Casual Dining
HAIKU is an organic vegan restaurant offering tasty and appetizing dishes that satisfy every palate, even the sweet tooth, and delicious low-calorie desserts. HAIKU via Ricasoli 30 welcomes international and Sicilian dishes with a vegan twist in an atmosphere that tastes of nature. From 19.00, the restaurant is open to enjoy the APERIVEG with organic wine, craft beer, juices and smoothies accompanied by vegan appetizers. All in the frame of La Lumia, always full of cultural and musical events.

Ristorante Kuaizi

$$$ Via E. Amari, 57 A/B, 90139, Palermo
Italian Chinese Japanese International Asian Casual Dining Family Style
Rolls, noodles, steamed ravioli, main courses of meat and fish...these are just some of our specialities related to Chinese cuisine that you can enjoy. Our oriental chefs carefully prepare each dish. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, temaki, nigiri and much more: the harmony of shapes and colours of Japanese foods prepared with high-quality ingredients and experience that delight not only the palate but also the sight. Complex and articulated, Sicilian cuisine is among Italy's richest and most spectacular: appetizers, desserts, and first courses prepared with care and skill by our Italian chef. At Kuaizi, you will find only the best, located near the centre near Borgo Vecchio.


$$$$ Via G. Amendola, 16A, 90015, Cefalù
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining
In the charming Cefalù, we find a chic restaurant with an innovative, modern and welcoming location. Let's talk about the Qualia restaurant, one of the best-known in the country and along the Sicilian coast. A restaurant that offers cuisine of a certain level boasts, among other things, the recognition for excellence, namely the Michelin star. Synonymous with quality and reliability, Qualia reflects gourmet cuisine in a traditional and Mediterranean food and wine scene. Attention to detail, raw materials sought with maniacal care, preparation of a certain level, thanks to the great mastery of the chefs in the kitchen, and dishes to make your head spin, ready to captivate you with their beauty and unmistakable southern flavours.

Al Capone Restaurant

$$$$ Via Dei Mulini, 20, 90015, Cefalù
Italian International European Fine dining Elegant & Chic
In the Gardens of Paradise in Cefalù, the Al Capone Restaurant offers continuous references to Sicilian culture and tradition, thus revealing the love for the typical products of the generous Sicilian land through the dishes of its tasty and refined cuisine, served at sunset under the white garden curtains. Mediterranean dishes, fresh fish, local vegetables, preserves and traditional desserts, many organic products and the three Slow Food Presidia of the Madonie Park. Over one hundred labels selected from the most awarded Sicilian wineries, whose secrets will be shared with you by the discreet and attentive care of the Maître. Finally, national and international bubbles, malvasia, passito and typical marsala for your aperitifs and after dinner.


$ Via Archimede, 3, 90015, Cefalù
Italian International Mediterranean Fast Casual Family Style
Foodda is located a few steps from the seafront of Cefalù, in Via Archimede, 3. Foodda combines the typical products of the Madonie and Sicilian territory with local tradition, giving prestige to its places and roots. Burgers, pasta, salads, sandwiches, beer & wine: immerse yourself in good taste through our rich and unique menus because there is food and food! The delights of local products combined in different dishes are simple but always win customers' hearts. Among famous first courses, burgers, and aperitifs rich in cold cuts and cheeses, accompanied by a bottle of wine or a cold beer, the right way to enjoy the beautiful Sicilian landscape while enjoying excellent food.


$$ Via Amerigo Vespucci, 9, 97010, Marina di Ragusa, Ragusa
Italian International Casual Dining Fast Casual Family Style Pizzeria
At Bolla, you will find the pleasure of eating all the best that exists. From pizza, made with the classic method, with 0 flour, soft wheat, soy flour, rice flour, and the dough left to rise for over 96 hours! In addition to the pizza, you will find fantastic hamburgers, which recall those old American TV series, with a soft and fluffy bun of their own creation, Chianina beef for delicious hamburgers full of flavours. Furthermore, leaving out sandwiches and pulled pork, you will find cuts of black Angus and not only scary. It is a fine cut from the loin's first five ribs. It is deboned and cleaned of all external parts and covering fat. The main feature is the marbling which makes the meat soft and tasty. In addition to Angus, you will find cuts of Tomahawk and T-Bon.

Ristorante Eduardo

$$$$ Viale Scala Greca, 325, 96100, Siracusa
Italian International Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
The Eduardo Restaurant, located on the ground floor of the romantic Hotel Parco delle Fontane in Syracuse, offers fresh fish dishes of the day, land, and vegetarian dishes. Only local products are used, of which Chef Aicha Karim knows the origin, history and social and cultural value; meats, vegetables, fruit, cured meats and cheeses from small and fine artisanal productions.

Ristorante Sotto Sale

$$$$ Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 9, 91023, Favignana
Italian International Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
SottoSale is a meeting of cultures, a seaport. Inspired by the salt pans of Trapani, it is a friend of pink flamingos. He knows the ancient methods of preserving food and fish. Objects of the past dance in the room, still reverberating with light. In the evening, you can hear the oar sinking into the water to re-emerge with an energy that rhymes with poetry. Among the rocks of the island of Favignana, this beautiful modern restaurant rediscovers the beauty of its land, enhancing its fruits, sea, and resources. A Mediterranean cuisine that enhances the flavours of a boundless land translates every type of raw material into goodness, making a dish a story that tells the life of those who have always worked behind it.
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