Best European Restaurants in Sicily

La Vineria Café

$$$ Via Cavour, 9, 96010, Ortigia, Siracusa
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Bistrot
An elegant, yet relaxed fusion of winery and restaurant, created and run by women only, which makes the venue a unique place. La Vineria Café is a restaurant located near the Sicilian coast, in the city of Syracuse, which offers its customers the typical flavours of Italy and the south. The menu is varied and ranges from land and sea first courses to second courses, with fresh fish and top-quality cuts of meat. The excellence of the products reigns supreme in a place where the atmosphere is welcoming and familiar, with live music on weekends.

Il Molo

$$$$ Lungomare Falcone Borsellino, 92100, Agrigento
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Il Molo, located in the picturesque coastal town near Agrigento, Sicily, is a charming restaurant that epitomizes the essence of Mediterranean seaside dining. This delightful eatery, perched at the water's edge, offers guests an unforgettable culinary experience that combines stunning ocean views with the freshest seafood and traditional Sicilian flavours. Known for its warm hospitality and idyllic setting, Il Molo has become a beloved destination for locals and visitors seeking to indulge in the simple pleasures of Sicilian cuisine while basking in the beauty of the island's coastline. The ambience of Il Molo is characterized by its relaxed and inviting atmosphere, where the gentle sounds of the sea and the soothing sea breeze set the tone for a serene dining experience. The décor is a tasteful reflection of the seaside locale, featuring nautical themes and a palette that mirrors the sea blues and the beach's sandy hues. Diners can choose to sit in the cosy interior space or opt for the outdoor terrace, where the panoramic views of the Mediterranean create a stunning backdrop for every meal. At the heart of Il Molo's menu is a celebration of the sea's bounty. The restaurant prides itself on offering dishes that showcase the freshest local seafood, prepared with respect for tradition and a touch of culinary innovation. Guests can savour various seafood specialities, from succulent grilled fish and flavorful pasta dishes with seafood to classic Sicilian antipasti and mouthwatering risottos. Each dish is a testament to Sicily's rich flavours and culinary heritage, made with ingredients sourced daily from the local markets and fishermen.


$$$ Via S. Giuseppe, 7, 93010, Sutera
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
In the heart of Sutera, a town echoing with tales of ancient civilizations and the resonant beauty of Sicilian landscapes, lies Sambriglia—a culinary gem that stands as a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Derived from an old Sicilian term suggesting 'gathering' or 'togetherness,' Sambriglia embodies the very essence of communal dining. The exterior is a graceful dance between Sutera's historic architecture and contemporary design elements. Stone arches lead into a space illuminated with soft, modern lighting, hinting at the fusion of flavours. Stepping inside, diners are met with walls adorned with artworks that depict Sicilian life in all its vibrant hues. Long wooden tables encourage shared meals, fostering the spirit of community and conversation that Sicilian dining is known for. Sambriglia's menu is a journey through Sicily's culinary landscape. While deeply rooted in tradition, each dish has a modern flair. The 'Risotto al Nero di Seppia' is a visual and gustatory delight—creamy rice infused with the rich ink of cuttlefish, dotted with golden saffron threads and finished with a sprinkle of zesty lemon zest.

Be Quiet

$$$$ Via Monte Sant'Agata, 6, 95124, Catania
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
The BeQuiet Restaurant amazes its customers with a menu that is a real journey of flavours among the recipes of the Sicilian gastronomic tradition. There are many fish-based dishes, from appetizers to first courses with seafood, to the unmissable grilled dishes, whose scent inebriates even before entering the dining room. Specialities first and second courses typical of the Catania tradition. Pastries and sweets are typical of our production. The Be Quiet brings to the table the tastes and flavours of the typical dishes of the Sicilian tradition. Tasting the characteristic foods of a place also corresponds to understanding its culture.

Grand Hotel Timeo Restaurant

$$$ Via Teatro Greco, 59, 98039, Taormina
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Grand Hotel Timeo Restaurant, situated within the luxurious Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo, is poised against the breathtaking backdrop of Taormina, Sicily. This exquisite dining destination offers an unparalleled culinary experience, blending the rich traditions of Sicilian cuisine with the refined elegance of gourmet dining. Set against the stunning vistas of Mount Etna and the azure waters of the Ionian Sea, the restaurant provides a feast for the senses, making it an essential visit for those seeking to immerse themselves in the splendour of Sicilian gastronomy in one of the island's most iconic settings. The ambience of the Grand Hotel Timeo Restaurant is characterized by its sophisticated decor, which harmoniously combines classic elegance with Mediterranean charm. The dining room is a masterpiece of design, featuring elegant furnishings, fine linens, and an atmosphere that exudes luxury and comfort. The outdoor terrace, arguably the restaurant's crown jewel, offers guests the opportunity to dine al fresco, surrounded by panoramic views that encapsulate the beauty of Taormina and its surroundings. At the heart of the restaurant's culinary philosophy is a commitment to showcasing the finest local ingredients sourced from the bountiful landscapes of Sicily. The menu, crafted by an acclaimed team of chefs, is a tribute to the island's diverse culinary heritage, offering a selection of innovative dishes deeply rooted in tradition. Guests can expect to savour various exquisite creations, from fresh seafood delicacies and artisanal pasta dishes to succulent meats and vibrant vegetarian options, each prepared with precision and artistry.

Kisté Easy Gourmet

$$$$ Via Santa Maria Dei Greci, 2, 98039, Taormina
Italian International European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
Kisté Easy Gourmet, nestled in the historic and picturesque town of Taormina, Sicily, is a culinary gem that offers a modern and approachable take on gourmet dining. This charming restaurant is celebrated for its innovative approach to Sicilian and Mediterranean cuisine, where traditional flavours meet contemporary elegance in a relaxed and welcoming setting. Situated against the stunning backdrop of Taormina's ancient architecture and the azure waters of the Ionian Sea, Kisté Easy Gourmet provides an unforgettable dining experience that embodies the essence of effortless Italian sophistication. The ambience of Kisté Easy Gourmet is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern design, creating a chic and cosy atmosphere. The interior features minimalist décor, focusing on natural materials and soft, ambient lighting that adds to the restaurant's warm and inviting feel. The outdoor seating area is a coveted spot, offering diners the opportunity to enjoy their meal amidst the breathtaking beauty of Taormina, with panoramic views that span from the historic Greek Theatre to the shimmering sea beyond. At the heart of Kisté Easy Gourmet's menu is a passion for high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, expertly crafted into visually stunning dishes and bursting with flavour. The culinary team, led by talented chefs, takes pride in presenting a menu that is both innovative and accessible, featuring a variety of dishes that cater to a wide range of tastes and dietary preferences. From fresh seafood and artisanal pasta to succulent meats and vibrant vegetarian options, each creation is a testament to the rich culinary heritage of Sicily, reimagined with a modern twist.

Ristorante Casa Niclodi

$$$ Salita Alexander Humboldt, 2A, 98039, Taormina
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
From the architectural reinterpretation of an ancient residence in the centre of Taormina, Casa Niclodi was born. A series of small details identify the need to keep that atmosphere of warmth and cordiality for our guests, which has always distinguished the welcome of Us Sicilians. Our cuisine wants to revive a food and wine journey, which the different cultures present in the times on the island have strongly influenced with a set of typicalities, making it inimitable. We would like to rediscover and bring back flavors and colors lost in time by proposing them again with a contemporary reading so that the very pleasant atmosphere of our fragrant citrus garden can further enhance their peculiar virtues.

Ristorante Parco Reale

$$$$ Via Porta Mola, 9, 98030, Castelmola
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
'Parco Reale' is the restaurant of Villa Sonia, accessed through an authentic 19th-century Sicilian portal. Antiques complete the furnishings of the large room, which can accommodate up to 400 guests but can be divided into smaller and intimate spaces, or instead, it can be expanded outside on the enchanting and panoramic terrace. Ideal for celebrating the most important moments such as ceremonies and weddings, events to remember with splendid gala dinners. Located at the gates of the small medieval village, Villa Sonia offers a refined welcome for an elegant and exclusive ceremony in an enchanting place. In the enchantment of nature, with beautiful scenery on the horizon dominated by the undisputed view of Etna, the Parco Reale restaurant is ideal for those looking for a unique place with the refined atmosphere of an ancient villa, the originality of water games in the pool during the aperitif and the suggestion of the terrace that will make them protagonists of an unforgettable fairytale day. The tradition of the Sicilian land, the class of services offered by the Hotel Villa Sonia for a "tailor-made" event for every different need of the spouses in which no detail is left to chance. Every food and dish has an authentic taste that tells the flavours of authentic Sicily... All the words are tasty and, at the same time, very delicate; find an ideal union in the Divino Enoteca, where you can find the best wines of the Sicilian region and fine Italian wines.

Pizzeria Nina

$$ Via Tutti I Santi, 98030, Castelmola
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
Nestled in the heart of Castelmola, overlooking the magnificent expanse of the Ionian Sea and the picturesque skyline of Taormina, Pizzeria Nina offers a slice of authentic Sicilian life. The venue's historic stone architecture harmoniously blends with its surroundings' natural beauty, creating a warm and inviting ambience. Stepping inside, guests are immediately enveloped by the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked pizza emanating from a traditional wood-fired oven. The interiors of Pizzeria Nina are a delightful amalgamation of rustic charm and contemporary design, with terracotta tiles, wooden tables, and walls adorned with vintage photos of old Castelmola. The heart and soul of Pizzeria Nina lies in its menu. Each pizza is a canvas of flavours, made using dough allowed to rise slowly, ensuring a perfectly crispy and tender crust. The tomatoes are sun-soaked, the mozzarella is freshly sourced, and the toppings range from classic favourites to unique Sicilian specialities. Not to be missed is the 'Siciliana', a delightful combination of anchovies, capers, olives, and local herbs.

La Caverna Wine Bar

$$ Via Porta Di, 98030, Castelmola
Italian European Premium Casual Pizzeria
A Wine Bar housed inside a cave at the foot of the medieval castle of Castelmola, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. La Caverna is an exclusive place full of atmosphere that combines the mysterious atmosphere of the natural cavity with the scents and flavours of the local products and wines that can be tasted. Suppose you are looking for a calm and quiet place, even on hot summer evenings, to have an aperitif or to enjoy a taste of the area's excellent red and white wines, perhaps with a plate of cheeses or salami. In that case, the Wine Bar La Caverna is the best choice that you can make. In Autumn, you will find the fireplace, which is always lit, and various books for those wishing to relax with a good read. A few steps from the main square, in the ancient and welcoming village of Castelmola, is the Caverna where, inside this ancient cave, small spaces, soft music and lights will frame intimate and relaxing moments. An assorted card, continuously updated, will allow you to choose the wine you like best among the best traditional and more recent producers. Sicilian and Italian scents and flavours cause a whirlwind of sensations favoured by the beauty and suggestion of the place that will make you experience the feeling of living in an enchanting dream place. The ancient origins of the site are evident, not only from the details such as the old exposed wooden beams but from the very structure of the wine shop, divided into small and large spaces with a handmade terracotta floor.

Bye Bye Blues

$$$$ Via Del Garofalo, 23, 90149, Mondello, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Casual Dining
Linear, essential, bright and modern: the Bye Bye Blues Restaurant is situated in the beautiful gulf of Mondello, Palermo – Sicily. Our premises are like our dishes: thought out to the very last detail, studied and prepared to bring out the best in them. Only a few steps from one of the most beautiful beaches of Sicily, here in Mondello, you will find the unexpected privileges of gourmet dishes and quiet.

Le Antiche Mura

$$$$ Via Mattei, 1, 90149, Mondello, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual
Le Antiche Mura restaurant is the ideal setting for weddings, birthday parties, and ceremonies. Its garden with an English lawn furnished with comfortable seating in the shade of the palm trees that rise high is suitable for aperitifs and outdoor buffets. Inside, the tastefully furnished rustic room is characterized by its sobriety and elegance. The menu is sophisticated and varied: we offer the best choices for the fish-based menu with a wide variety of appetizers, first courses, and main courses. Without forgetting an accurate and careful selection of wines. The refinement of the location, the quality of the products, and the care in their preparation make the restaurant Le Antiche Mura in Mondello the ideal place to taste the typical dishes of local cuisine, immersed in a splendid garden a stone's throw from the sea.

Enoteca Tuttibrilli

$$$ Via Principe Di Villafranca, 54, 90141, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Bistrot
In the heart of Palermo, in via Principe di Villafranca 54, Enoteca Tuttibrilli is born, a unique place where cuisine and design are linked to create a warm and elegant environment. An ideal place to find warmth, hospitality, and simplicity; Enoteca Tuttibrilli is not a classic restaurant but a place for meetings and relationships, a simple and refined cuisine, where you can taste a glass of wine, a cocktail, champagne, and a selection of beers, a corner where you can listen to music and relax on the sofa, with tasting evenings and live music. A place where you can breathe the atmosphere of home, in the center of Palermo with a wide selection of wines of the highest quality from all regions of the Italian tradition able to satisfy even the most refined tastes, where for each of about 400 labels every type of wine is squeezed and served by the glass. With a transparent menu within everyone's reach.

Mec Restaurant

$$$$ Via Vittorio Emanuele, 452, 90134, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Casual Dining Premium Casual
A unique experience in which the aesthetics of rigor meet the explosive energy of digital conquest. Mec restaurant was born from the idea of an experimental space where to contemplate the artistic vision by declining taste experiences. In the renovated high-tech setting of Palazzo Castrone in the historic center of Palermo, the indications of Chef Carmelo Trentacosti meet with the legendary scenario of the world of Apple collecting.

Torre Alta

$$$ Via Portofino, 31, 90040, Capaci
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic Pizzeria
Torre Alta, perched in the picturesque town of Capaci, just a stone's throw from the vibrant city of Palermo, Sicily, offers an unparalleled dining experience that marries breathtaking views with exquisite Sicilian cuisine. This distinguished restaurant, situated atop a hill, provides diners with a panoramic vista of the azure Mediterranean Sea and the lush Sicilian landscape, making every meal memorable. Torre Alta is celebrated not only for its stunning location but also for its commitment to showcasing the rich culinary traditions of Sicily, all within a setting of refined elegance and serene beauty. The ambience of Torre Alta is one of understated sophistication, where the natural beauty of its surroundings is complemented by a decor that is both elegant and welcoming. The interior design is a harmonious blend of contemporary style and traditional Sicilian elements, featuring warm tones, natural materials, and subtle touches that reflect the island's heritage. The spacious terrace, offering sweeping views of the sea and surrounding hills, is the perfect setting for al fresco dining, where guests can savour the beauty of Sicily under the canopy of the sky. At the heart of Torre Alta's menu is a deep respect for the region's bounty, with dishes celebrating the freshest local ingredients and the flavours of traditional Sicilian cuisine. The kitchen, led by talented chefs passionate about Sicilian gastronomy, crafts each dish with precision and creativity, offering a selection that ranges from succulent seafood and artisanal pasta to tender meats and vibrant vegetables. Each plate is a testament to the culinary richness of Sicily, presented with a modern flair that elevates the dining experience.

Badalamenti Cucina E Bottega

$$$ Viale Galatea, 55, 90151, Mondello, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual
The Badalamenti Cucina e Bottega Restaurant is located in Mondello, Palermo, and offers a quality menu and always fresh raw materials. From cold cuts and cheeses accompanied by mustards and jams to fresh local fish carpaccio appetizers. The soups and first courses are all prepared with fresh pasta. The cellar is one of the most well-stocked in the city, with about 550 labels, which offer customers both Sicilian and national, but also foreign, French and Australian wines.

Ristorante Dell'Antiquario Cucina Tipica Siciliana

$$$ Via Roma, 475, 90139, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
The Ristorante dell’Antiquario is an innovation in Palermo, but it is already capturing the hearts and palates of many guests. Located in the heart of the city, in front of the Grand Hotel delle Palme, the restaurant blends good cuisine with the good taste of ancient nineteenth-century furniture. A real leap in time, an authentic journey into taste to discover unique and genuine flavors, ensured by the fresh products and homemade pasta used to make each dish on the menu. Looking back is no coincidence. The restaurant was created by the Burgio family, well-known antique dealers from Palermo.


$$ Via Giuseppe Alessi, 40/42, 90143, Palermo
Italian European Casual Dining Premium Casual Family Style
A peculiar feature of Verdechiaro is that you can taste always different dishes every day. Dishes for the most demanding palates of vegetarians: vegans and omnivores, all united by the search for quality ingredients. Verdechiaro was born from the idea of ​​Nello and Daniela who, for the love of good food, decide to approach the world of organic, preferring local products. Ours is a daily commitment to healthy and conscious cooking. The Verdechiaro restaurant is located in Palermo, a stone's throw from Piazza Generale Antonio Cascino.

Mazzini 30 Taverna

$$$$ Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 30, 90139, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Fast Casual Elegant & Chic Bistrot
Mazzini 30 Taverna is a warm, intimate and refined place that lends itself to being the ideal place to sip excellent cocktails thanks to a skilful preparation resulting from great experience or savor high-level culinary specialties studied with a creative soul and great attention. The cuisine manages to reconcile the finesse of the most delicate tastes with the typical aromas of Sicilian cuisine. Mazzini 30 in Palermo, in the Borgo Vecchio area, is an inviting opportunity for the finest palates and lovers of good food, a wide range of savory and sweet foods, combined with a vast list of wines, beers and cocktails.

Quattroventi Comfort Food

$$$$ Via Enrico Albanese, 30, 90139, Palermo
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Nestled in the heart of Palermo, Quattroventi Comfort Food is a culinary haven where guests can indulge in soul-warming dishes that evoke the feeling of home. Focusing on comforting flavours and heartfelt hospitality, our restaurant offers a welcoming retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. At Quattroventi Comfort Food, we believe in the power of food to nourish both body and soul. Our menu features a diverse selection of dishes inspired by the comforting flavours of Italian and international cuisine, focusing on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and artisanal craftsmanship. From hearty soups and comforting pasta dishes to gourmet sandwiches and flavorful salads, our menu offers something for every palate and preference. Whether you're craving a classic Bolognese or a creative twist on a traditional favourite, our dishes will satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling nourished and satisfied. In addition to our delicious food, Quattroventi Comfort Food offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests can relax and enjoy their meals with friends and family. Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring that every visit to Quattroventi Comfort Food is memorable.
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