Best Argentinean Restaurants in Sicily


$$$ Via Ludovico Ariosto, 28P, 90144, Palermo
Argentinean Casual Dining Family Style
The first authentic Argentinian restaurant in Palermo, a place of choice for Argentine food and wine culture. The story of Chef Gustavo begins in the countryside of Guaymallén, in the heart of Mendoza, the land of the sun and good Argentine wine. The staff will be able to show you the dish that best suits your tastes, from a careful selection of meats and raw materials, expertly cooked according to the Argentine culinary tradition. Paired with one of the Argentine wines from our cellar, you can enjoy a complete gastronomic experience. The best breeders select Argentinean meats and the best producers to guarantee an incredible quality of the raw material.

B.I.F. Braceria Italiana Fuorimondo

$$$ Via Madonna Degli Angeli, 12, 90015, Cefalù
Italian Argentinean Casual Dining
Located in the historical centre of Cefalù, La Braceria B.I.F., is a renovated place, in style and elegance, with ancient stone walls. From B.I.F., you will find the best meats to satisfy any palate. You can always taste quality cuts worldwide while sitting comfortably at the table in a welcoming and modern environment. The carefully chosen and selected meats from the local supply chains guarantee impeccable maturation for each cut, ensuring the customer a soft, delicate meat that melts in the mouth, from T-Bons to a tender rib eye or a friendly, tender, succulent sirloin.
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